Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tanzania Part 1

As I mentioned when I get a chance will be posting some of my older work of my trip into Africa. Tanzania what a stunning country, teaming with wildlife in comparison to Mozambique. 
We followed the coast until Dar e Salam then headed inland, to Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti and then Lake Victoria. I had over 3000 pictures from this section of the journey. So after lots of consideration I have also divided Tanzania in to two parts. Some pictures I really like and some are there to show you the trip and what we did.

Paul and I after a hectic fishing trip with our catch of 3 King fish, we went out in a tiny boat with one motor, what where we thinking? As a rule if you go out to sea have two motors. We had some sushi for supper with some South African’s from Franshoek. We stayed at Kilwa Ruins our first stop in Tanzania, the place was run by two South African brothers Garth and Glen what a great bunch of people.

 Martin with his wife Jenny on the roof, three boys and their grandfather in side there converted Samil truck. They had named there truck SpongeBob SquareBus and were doing a similar trip to ours with the family. We met them at Pemba, here at Kilwa Ruins and again in Dar es Salaam, what a lovely family.

At Dar es Salam we stayed at Kiepeo beach camp, 30 minutes from the centre of town by ferry. We stocked up on supplies and got my car serviced, had to replace a cv cover boot, so far the only thing that went wrong with my car. Someone broke into Paul’s tent and stole over 500$ dollars from him not a happy chappy, time to leave Dar es Salaam. On route to Kilimanjaro we found Tembo campsite half way that used to be an old tennis court of some sort. I ran to take a pic of the sunset and met these awesome local boys, very friendly. At the campsite I met an old SA man who said this was third trip in Tanzania and he had still not managed to see Kilimanjaro, every time he was in the area it was not visible due to clouds etc.

How lucky are we, first time round we got to see Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in Africa. We stayed at Honey Badger campsite highly recommended with beautiful pool.

A chameleon we found near some waterfall we went to and filled up all our water tanks in the car with the glacier water coming from Kilimanjaro.

This is an ancient tree in the heart of Ngorongoro Crater with yours truly. We saw so much wildlife in the crater, an unbelievable experience, it’s a self contained eco system. Was very expensive to enter the park about 300$ for the two of us and my vehicle.

The road out of the crater, Paul slept thanks to old man Emu suspension.

A Maasai warrior jumping, with the Ngorongoro Crater in the back ground.

Arrived at Serengeti Seronera public campsite after 9pm at night, long day and Hyena’s circling the tents all night. The following day packed up early went for game drive on route Lobo public camp. Buffalos in Serengeti National park.

King of Africa showing some teeth. We were very fortunate to see loads of lions in the park.

A baboon oblivious to the impala in the background.
After setting up camp at Lobo public camp in the Serengeti we went for an afternoon game drive. Paul finding something very funny.

The skull from a buffalo.

Paul doing some Kung Fu on the rocks.

The view from my tent the following morning, Zebra drinking from a pool of water on the rock. The campsites have no fences so hyena circled our tents again during the night. Giraffe, zebra and impala’s in front of our campsite when we woke up.
The King again in this pic.

A Kite flying.

A Pride of lions.

An elephant throwing sand over himself.

A young Giraffe taking a stroll.


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