Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mozambique - Part 2

From Maputo, we set off to Tofo, Inhambane where we stayed at Fatima's backpackers. We ate loads of seafood and went fishing.

We went fishing and I caught my first Cuota (King Mackrel) and Marcia a cool American dude caught a Tuna. We saw some awesome humpback whales really close but I had no camera with me, just as well, everything got soaked. The funny thing was the skipper behind me was called Sean and his deck hand Paul so Paul and Sean went fishing with Paul and
From there it was off to Pomene one of the most amazing campsite's I have ever been to. We had no one else there just the beach in front of us and the estuary behind us with Flamingo’s in.
The Flamingos on the beach behind our campsite in the estuary, less than one minute walk. They had stunning chalets on that side.
I decide to sleep in the hut, with mosquito net over me, never slept better in all my life, on the sea’s doorstep. Woke up each morning to the waves crashing and stunning sunrises. The cover shot was taken from here early one morning.

We went for a hike and some fishing with the owners son, he took us to this natural blow hole in the rocks. Paul getting wet, his shower for the day.

At the Lodge what a stunning place, definitely want to go back with the family, I think it was call Pomena Lodge. Paul managed to organise us a whole Barracuda from some local fisherman....yummy we ate like kings. What an awesome place!

From there we drove to Vilkankulo and then to the Gorongosa National park, Paul met his Swiss Holiday romance.
Me in Gorongosa National park camp site.

From there off to Ihla da Mozambique, took this pic on route one mist morning.

Ihla da Mozambique is a small island that is separated from the mainland by a bridge. Which one can cross over if you want to get to the island.

Ihla da Mozambique is surrounded with history and has an old fort with walls as thick as a house. This shot was taken on the way to the fort of a fisherman and his Dow (local fishing boat).

Local kid playing on a motorbike, loved all the alleys and small houses.

Road heading towards to Pemba.

Quick lunch on route to Pemba on the side of the road.
Big smiley faces! Mozambique people are very poor yet everyone I saw was always smiling. Maybe less is more....
My car and local on his bike with containers, I prefer Toyota power.
A chameleon crossing the road, he was huge and froze when my car approached, I helped him to the other side.
At Pemba we stayed at Russell’s place a local backpackers, were we could set up our tents. The owner Russell gave us 3 nights of tuna steaks and sushi that night if we could clean and fillet the fish for him (we did provide the wasabi and soya sauce). Luckily for Paul I have done this many times and knew how to clean and fillet, Tuna. There were some amazing carvings here from a local carpenter whose life works are spread around the spot.