Thursday, August 14, 2014

Chibanhane Local School - Massinga Mozambique

While I was in Mozambique recently I had the honor of seeing a local school Chibanhane. Massinga Beach a lodge in Mozambique has made this one of their development projects and has built them a classroom. They are busy raising more funds to build a second classroom. On this outing they were distributing free colouring books and crayons to the kids as well as supplying a whole lot of books for their library.

The smile and happiness of these kids for receiving this small gift was amazing, its a small reminder of how fortunate we are and how a small gesture can make others less fortunate than us so happy. This was an emotional day and I was again reminded of the harsh conditions people in Africa live in. 
Should you wish to help and contribute a small donation to this school to help build a second classroom please email me on  so I can send you there banking details.

This is the classroom Massinga Beach built for the Chibanhane School.

Inside the classroom.

Inside the classroom no desks or light, the light you see is from my flash.

Massinga Beach staff giving out handouts.






A small donation goes a long way!