Wednesday, May 21, 2014

AfrikaBurn - Trickster - 2014

AfrikaBurn 2014 was an awesome experience, filled with laughter, tears, love and Joy!
I was once again privileged enough to make this pilgrimage into the Tankwa Karoo and wondrously watch as Tankwa town transforms into a fantasy world filled with artworks , theme camps and beautiful people to this exciting, exuberant and awesome thing we love, AfrikaBurn!

Structures and artworks popped up seemingly overnight and as Tankwa town grows, you realize how different and amazing AfrikaBurn is to any other festival. Here the people's involvement is what makes it so special. The effort they put into these theme camps are truly amazing, especially if you consider how hard it is just to be self sufficient. You find yourself  in the middle of nowhere, with no shops to buy anything from. You have to provide everything for yourself  for 7 days and ensure it all goes back with you.

Don’t be fooled, Tankwa Town is not for sissies! This is a harsh environment. The temperatures are   extreme during day and night, and you have major dusts storms and portable loos which after a few days get's marked off as crime scenes.

Being self reliant is a necessity, but these hardships once endured get’s looked back at with a smile on one’s face and adds to the whole experience.
Again a huge thank you to the whole AfrikaBurn team, all the volunteers, the teams who built and made those amazing artworks, the mutant vehicles, theme camps and to everyone that participated. You make this fairy tale possible, thank you, thank you,  thank you!

Here are some of my favorite experiences from this year’s burn, Enjoy!

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This was our awesome view!