Wednesday, May 24, 2017

AfrikaBurn 2017 Play

Wow, another awesome Burn! Play, this year’s theme for 2017.      
As per the Afrikaburn's website; Play – an activity from which one derives amusement, entertainment, enjoyment or satisfaction by taking a participatory rather than a passive role – opens up endless possibilities. It feeds, infects and proliferates. It roots our sense of order. Play amplifies life. It’s our connective tissue.
“Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein
This was a tough one for me; the heat, the stomach bug, working way too hard and having a much shorter stay, Wednesday to Monday, stayed Sunday, unexpectedly , all contributing factors, but so glad we did!
Once again the utmost respect to DPW and the whole AfrikBurn crew, for soldering on through the heat, dust, and hardships of the desert, dealing with continuous problems and unexpected issues and so many moaners! Thank you!
DMV and BLA our home, thanks for so many smiles, laughter, hugs, love and always looking after us! Thank you!
To all the Artist and their crews, thank you for awesome creations and sharing them with us!
All the theme camps for all your effort, gifts, music, you guys always blow me away with all that you do for nothing in return. Thank you!
All the performers, DJ's, bands and musicians, wow! Thank you for sharing your gift, with us!
To the Spirit Train crew, thanks for embracing me with open arms, for so many good times and for very sore feet!!!
To all you beautiful people, friends, new, old, absent and lost you make our town so special, lighting it with colour, laughter, smiles and love. Thank you!!!!
 A couple of things to always remember if you are planning to go to AfrikBurn or going again:
·         Leave NO Trace!
·        Each one, teach one
·         One burner one shift
·         Respect each other
·         You are in the bloody desert, so plan and prep properly
·         If you don’t like something, make the change, join, volunteer, help be part of the solution, not the problem.
·         Gift and expect nothing in return
·         Participate
·         Don’t be a Doos be lekker!

 Here are my favourite images, enjoy!
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