Saturday, September 28, 2013

Harley Davidson - Dyna Wide Glide 1450cc

I had an awesome opportunity to use a Harley Davidson Dyna Wide Glide 14500cc for a month here a two pics I took on a cruise to Hermanus. What a machine thanks Gavin for the loan!

What a ride!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Tanzania 2nd trip

From Rwanda we headed to the Tanzanian border which took forever to cross, lots of trucks. Most of the sand roads were being upgraded to tar by the Chinese hence high truck activity, carting all the valuables out. Once we were in Tanzania we headed for Lake Tanganyika just outside a town called Kigoma where we found a stunning campsite on the shores of this great African Lake. The beach along this lake was an amazing pink color, and the water was stunning. It is estimated to be the second largest freshwater lake in the world by volume, and the second deepest, it is also the world's longest freshwater lake. 

We were far behind schedule and needed to make up time if we were to make it to Zimbabwe to meet my family. So we traveled as much as possible during the next two days to make the Zambian border but would have loved to explore this area far more. It’s completely out of the main tourist track and this would be the last time we would be able to travel on these amazing sand roads as everywhere construction was underway converting the roads. 

The pink beach on Lake Tanganyika

Stunning campsite with a very tranquil setting.
This beautiful bird of prey near our campsite, I think it was a Verreaux's eagle but 100% sure.
The last of the sand roads.
Trail blazing.
Sunset on route.
A proper hippo pool, anyone for a swim?
A lazy day in Africa.

A Waterbuck keeping an eye on us.
A black & white pic of these gentle, well mannered vegetarians.
Young male elephant bull out for a stroll.
A herd of Elephant wondering about.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


From the majestic mountain Gorillas in the Bwindi impenetrable national park in Uganda, we crossed the border into Rwanda. We were just going to dash through Rwanda as we had heard so many conflicting stories, but as usual it was blown completely out of proportion and it was smooth sailing as always. The first thing that changes as you cross the border is that you drive on the right side of the road which took some getting used to. 

Located a few degrees south of the Equator, Rwanda is bordered by Uganda, Tanzania, Burundi and the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Rwanda's economy suffered heavily during the 1994 Rwandan Genocide, but has since strengthened.
The economy is based mostly on subsistence agriculture. Coffee and tea are the major cash crops for export. Tourism is a fast-growing sector and is now the country's leading foreign exchange earner.

Working hard in the fields.

Hard at work.

Rwanda was spotless no rubbish or litter anywhere which was total amazing. Great roads and infrastructure which was completely crazy being in the middle of Africa.  Even the robots have digital countdowns to keep you informed of the next change.
Robots with countdown.
Kigali is the capital and largest city.
Rwanda is one of only two countries in which the mountain Gorillas can be visited safely, if visitors are prepared to pay the high prices for gorilla tracking permits. Almost all the money generated from the permits goes to the benefit of the Gorilla’s.