Wednesday, June 17, 2015

AfrikaBurn 2015 the Gift

Wow, what an awesome burn! Once again I have so many wonderful and amazing memories; it never ceases to blow me away! As with every burn so far, I am always so taken aback with the amount of effort, sacrifice and love that is put in to the theme camps, mutant vehicles, stunning Art works and awesome costumes, for nothing in return just a gift for others to enjoy, what a special place!
This year I promised myself, not to take as many pictures, to leave my camera behind and capture the splendor with both my camera and my mind. So many times I wanted to run back and get my camera and with great difficulty had to force myself to just enjoy the moment!
As always I have to thank the AfrikaBurn crew who go to so much effort to bring us this awesome and amazing Gift! Thank you! To all the artist and crews for bringing and making the amazing art works, that we all have the privilege to enjoy. Thank you!

I have so many wonderful images and memories, and to be able to capture just a couple of memories, is a huge privilege, there is so much happening and things to experience it’s impossible to capture even a hundredth of what goes on.
Thanks to all my friends, BLA (Botriver Liberation Army) & DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles) for making it so special and to those of you that let me capture your beauty!
Below are my 100 favorite images, enjoy!
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