Thursday, May 17, 2018

AfrikaBurn 2018 “Working Title_______”

An awesome, magical place, filled with love, peace, music, freedom, friends, art, magic, and splendor, a wonderland, an epic adventure. A place where most of the real world issues are left behind where your money is useless, a week of freedom to express yourself and be whoever you want to be. A place where you won’t be judged rather encouraged to let your inner artist free!

A place not for the faint-hearted, this wonderland comes with its hardships, testing you and your resolve to the limits. Radical self-reliance is a must, being in the middle of the desert, what you bring is all you have and NO trace must be left!

A place were the artists, the creative and the flamboyant come out to play. A place to celebrate life, dance, love and laugh! As always I am blown away by the amount of effort people put in, from art works, structures, theme camps, mutant vehicles, and costumes. A huge THANK YOU to all the AfrikaBurn Team, staff, crew, artist, musicians, DJ’s and you for making it all possible! It’s your Burn; it’s what you make it!

Below are some of my favorite pictures from this year’s AfrikaBurn, please share and enjoy.
Click on the pic to enlarge, I will post my extra’s pics that didn't make my top 100 on Facebook next week, enjoy and thank you!