Saturday, January 26, 2013


I will be posting allot of my older pictures from my trip into Africa, starting with Mozambique, what a beautiful country with some of the best beaches in the world. It was rated one of the top10 holiday destinations in the world awhile back. I had a lot of pictures so I have divided them in 2 parts.

Mozambique: Part 1

We entered Mozambique from the border and expected some tar road but just found a couple of sand tracks heading off in all directions with no markings at all, thankfully we had a GPS, with “Tracks for Africa,” absolutely brilliant which saved our lives daily. We headed for Ponta do Ouro, our first stop. 

Went to swim with the dolphins, hectic sea, but awesome experience.

On route to Santa Maria, the road with a small bit of tar.
Through the Elephant game park / Maputo special reserve we went to Santa Maria, there were no elephants in fact very little wildlife at all, but stunning none the less. We tried to take a short cut and were very thankful my faithful stead was properly rigged.
Fishing at hell’s gate.

On the beach.

Life’s a beach.
Footsteps in the sand.
Stunning beach cabin.
Went snorkelling....WOW, the fish literally jumped out the water, this pic was taken at Inhaca Island.
Life fighting for survival – Inhaca Island.

The sun setting back at Santa Maria, Ponta Torres. You can see Maputo in the background. At Cattemba we took the Ferry to Maputo.  Stayed at Fatima's backpackers in Maputo and from there we headed to Inhambane.

Putting my feet up 
Paul my mate, nice 1  -  Inhambane

The sea food was amazing we stocked up with prawns, fish and crabs from the fish market in Maputo. Paul (my personal chef Ramsey) made these beauties, enjoyed crab for the first time. We stayed at Fatima's tent palace in Tofo, Inhambane.
Local girls walking on the beach.

One of the local beer’s 2M.
The local beer 2M after a couple.

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  1. Definitely a holiday spot to consider! Thx for sharing trip photies...