Saturday, March 23, 2013


Continued from Tanzania at Lake Victoria we headed off to Kenya, to Kakamega Forest a tropical rain forest situated in the Western Province of Kenya. What friendly and giving people, with all their hardships they still gave!

Crossing over the equator, Paul pointing this out for us.

A baboon shouting a warning cry at us, Kakamega Forest.


Our accommodation in the forest, we spent a week here and recharged our batteries. A very special place.

Supper one evening.

The crying rock, close to Kakamega Forest.

Looks like a massive monster about to eat Paul.

Mother and child.

Butterfly on Plant.

A local school in forest loved the murals on the wall.


 I gave a talk at a local school about the importance of preserving the rain forest. I bought 350 indigenous trees for each pupil to plant. My way of giving back and off setting my carbon footprint.

One of the learners planting a tree, love her smile.

Your truly planting my tree.

The staff at Kakamega high school.

From Kakamega forest we headed off to the Great Rift Valley.

Sunrise over the Great Rift Valley.

One can’t explain the size of this valley but in the distance is a storm which looks tiny in the valley. Would love to return here one day and explore this region properly.

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